Circle & guiding principles

The women’s sanctuary game invites women to celebrate the transformative power of sisterhood and to discover personal and collective wholeness, wisdom and power. It’s a nurturing space and experience that is guided by inspirational input but it is designed to come alive and to evolve in the moment based on the unique mix of participants.

The innovative game formula offers personal and collective growth opportunities and builds strategic resilience and female leadership skills.

The game offers a sacred space for feminine energy and wholeness through inspiration, storytelling and body-mind practices.

It is based on the circle that our ancestors used for thousands of years to build community and strengthen a sense of belonging.

Guiding principles

When hosting a circle, it is important to adhere to certain guiding principles that help you make the game a positive experience for everyone.

These principes are:

Self-guiding – everyone is a player and can help others play. One person is invited to read the opening and closing meditation

Sacred space / community – we feel the connection between us, everything remains confidential.

Wholeness – we are body/mind/soul/linked with each other. 

Celebration – the game celebrates our diversity, our strength, our being. There is room for everyone.

Authencity – you are ok as you are and your true story is yours alone to share

Voluntary –  fit is always ok to pass and respect your boundaries

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