The game contents

The Women’s Sanctuary Game can be played by any one group of women. It is a self-guiding game, which means that one of you can take up the role of facilitator, but is also actively participating.

Before you start inviting friends or colleagues, take a moment to read about the guiding principles and some preparation tips and tricks.

When we created the Women’s Sanctuary Circle Game, we envisioned distributing it freely around the world. The materials on this page allow you to organize a basic circle. You can download full instructions below.

The game consists of an opening and closing, and several categories of cards. On the following pages you will find a short selection of each, to get you started. Feel free to copy and use them. We only ask that you respect our copyright on the game, by sharing where you found it.

We are very interested to learn from your experiences! Are you adding new topics or questions? Be sure to let us know your experiences and we will share them online.

Opening meditation

Closing meditation

Questions per category

You can download a file with instructions and all elements here:

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