We would like to introduce to you.. the Women’s Sanctuary Circle. Have you ever thought what would happen if a group of strong, powerful women came together and shared their stories? Are you curious to find out and experience the transformative power of sisterhood? Are you excited to see what happens when we nurture our body, mind and soul while playing a fun game that is all about connection instead of competition?

If so, please join us for the Women’s Sanctuary Circle, a game to celebrate our feminine energy and wholeness and to share our collective wisdom. Those who have played the game experienced a sense of belonging and connection.

Who is it for?

The Women’s Sanctuary Game can be played by any group of women, friends or colleagues or neighbours. You can play it with women you know well or not at all. The game will guide you to create a safe environment, in which everyone can participate freely. It is a self-guiding game, which means that one of you can take up the role of facilitator, but is also actively participating. If you are in doubt if this game is for you, then we can put your mind at ease. We have yet to discover a woman who does not appreciate the power of connection and the sense of community that happens in a circle, where the guiding principles are respected. The game is for every woman who wants to…
  • feel connected, inspired and powerful
  • honor her wholeness and femininity
  • nurture body, mind and soul in a playful way
  • step into her authentic power
  • feel energized and come alive
  • support other women and rise together
  • listen to her body and discover new paths to living fully
    The circle went online, 2020
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