Opening meditation

This mediation is the start of the game, right after the guiding principles have been shared.

Dear sisters, we will now start with the Sanctuary Circle. Before we pick the first card, let us take a moment to feel comfortable in our bodies. If you feel comfortable, close our eyes. Take a few deep breaths and bring your attention to the present moment in this circle.

Dear sisters, we have come together for the Women’s Sanctuary Circle.

This activity is for every woman who wants

  • to celebrate her wholeness and feminine energy
  • to find belonging and connection
  • to feel nurtured and to come alive
  • to step into her authentic power
  • to honor her inner voice and collective wisdom
  • to experience the magic of our sisterhood
  • to follow her dreams and to show her true self to the world

The Women’s Circle is an invitation. We invite you..

  • to be present in wholeness
  • to slow down and to enjoy
  • to be seen and to be heard
  • to listen and to speak from the heart
  • to be comfortable and to feel free to pass (voluntary)
  • to honor confidentiality and to trust the process
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